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If you found your way here, you are tired of boring, lecture-style trainings. 

You are looking for engaging learning experiences that are interactive. You want to connect with other attendees and have opportunities to ask the presenter questions. You need higher levels of self-exploration and improvement in skills.

C&C Resourcing, Inc. and its presenters bring you up-to-date information on topics you want to know more about. Check below to see what trainings we have scheduled. Don't see the topic you are looking for? Let us know so we can work on offering that topic in the near future.

A note from our President:

Hi everyone! We are glad you are here. Our number one priority is to provide informative and engaging support. To do that we need to hear from you. What's going well? What can be better?

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and how I might be able to support you.

Thanks, Dana M. Cea (she/they)


(919) 960-1462

Dana M. Cea
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