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Camilla wasn't searching for meditation; in fact, she was quite resistant to what she initially dismissed as 'mumbo-jumbo.' Her experiences with meditation were limited to the uncomfortable starts of yoga sessions or the moments at the end when she'd often fall asleep. By all accounts, Camilla thought she was doing fine in life, ticking off achievements like a meaningful job, promotions, home ownership, and a stable relationship. She couldn't envision her life being any different.

However, everything changed when her job situation took a nosedive, her back pain intensified, her boyfriend ended their relationship, and she lost her keys. The following day, she met with a friend, a fellow drinker and an insomniac stressed by his draining job, who surprisingly appeared in excellent health and spirits. Intrigued by his transformation, Camilla followed his advice and contacted a meditation instructor. Reflecting on the weekend she learned to meditate, she recalls simple joys and significant changes that soon followed, such as leaving her job and moving to a new home.

Today, Camilla's life is what her former self would have deemed miraculous. Dreams she never allowed herself to acknowledge have become her reality. She embraced motherhood in her 40s and now lives in a place she adores, no longer living by a checklist but measuring happiness by the joyous moments dancing around the kitchen with her son. While she continues her career as a school teacher, which she finds fulfilling and fun, teaching meditation has become her passion. Camilla is deeply moved by the opportunity to be part of her students' journeys towards positive life changes. She admires those who seek out meditation before reaching a breaking point, recognizing the growing awareness and misconceptions surrounding the practice. Camilla is committed to continuous learning to better support and enhance her students' meditation experiences.