Canadian Cosmetic Cluster

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The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster is dedicated to advancing the cosmetics and personal care product sector in Canada. Offering a wide range of services, the cluster is committed to fostering innovation, facilitating global trade, and providing essential business support and project management to its member organizations.The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster acts as a hub for industry players, facilitating connections, partnerships, and collaborations among businesses within the cosmetics and personal care sector. Regular networking events, forums, and matchmaking opportunities bring together companies to explore new synergies. Navigating the complex landscape of regulations in the cosmetics industry can be challenging. The cluster provides expertise and resources to help member companies understand and comply with local and international regulations, ensuring products meet safety and quality standards. The Cluster has been providing support and growth opportunities to the Cosmetic Industry across the supply chain. The Cluster has grown to 250 members from 150 companies from Canada, France, Spain, and the UK. We are on the board of the Global Cosmetic Cluster which connects us to 20 different international clusters.