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Over almost two decades, I have mastered the art and science of supporting high-performing leaders via strategic life management. Through my business Organise.Curate.Design., I have earned a formidable reputation supporting industry leaders to streamline and organise themselves to maximise their time and profitability while creating intentional lives.

I am also a survivor coach, author, professional speaker, successful artist, model, podcast host and mother. My work has been featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise, Mamma Mia, Women’s Health, Channel Nine News and Body & Soul.

In my debut book, More Than One Thing Can Be True – a story of survival, through an act of unshakable courage; I share my lived experience of surviving childhood sexual abuse, incest and trauma. My memoir highlights my story of bravery and resilience as well as the promise of healing and opening conversations for individuals and communities who have been affected by similar experiences.

My story is a compelling account of healing despite the odds. It shares my journey of carrying decades of shame to a place of finally choosing to own and use my voice by speaking to the reality of trauma and the power we have to transform and heal.

I am an expert by experience, and as a survivor coach, I focus on the power of transformation and life beyond trauma. I am paving the way for survivors to remove the shame that has silenced them by owning their voices and knowing that they are so much more than what has happened to them. I have and will continue to not only change my world but ignited a mission to change the world for survivors today and into the future.