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Carolyn Tate, Author of Brave Women Write

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Carolyn Tate is the author of six books including The Purpose Project and Brave Women Write. She's on a life-long adventure to write the stories that move humans to remake the world for women and Mother Earth. Carolyn is an ex-banker turned writer, educator and Birrarung river-swimmer. She is passionate about community living and sustainability and lives between Clifton Hill, Melbourne and Red Hill, Morning Peninsula (Between Two Hills). 

Brave Women Write offers 33 practices to help women find their voice, free their inner writer and write stories of purpose, equality and justice. Carolyn believes that women’s stories matter now more than ever if we’re going to put a dent in the man-made universe to rebalance history with herstory. She's been journaling daily for many years and is currently writing a novel based on the life of her grandmother Elsie. 

Carolyn is the host of the Brave Women Writers' Dinners and a facilitator of the Brave Women Writers’ Circle, a 12-week program designed to help you unlock your story in a safe and brave space with other women. Reach out for a call to see if it's for you. Email or call 0412 806 950.