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Hi, my name is Chantelle and I believe there is always a reason for everyone we meet in life. So if you landed on this page, I encourage you to go inwards and ask yourself if there is something your body and soul is trying to communicate to you.

I have many passions but the one thing I am most passionate about is the human body. I am in awe with how much power our body has. It has the ability to repair, rejuvenate and cleanse just like it has the ability to do the opposite.

Through my own struggles of health issues I have learnt the importance of honoring every little bit of the body. Not just all of the great things like skills and talents but all of the flaws and setbacks in my life.

I always say β€œmy greatest struggles have become my greatest blessings”

The reason why I say this is because it has. I would not have been able to find my light and bring in the abundance I am now receiving in life if it wasn't for my setbacks. My setbacks took me on a journey of spiraling downwards which impacted my body in such significant ways. So much so that my body would hurt, be inflamed, be bedridden, low energy, sinuses, have seizures and at times whole body paralysis. I was later diagnosed with FND- Functional Neurological disorder.

Functional Neurological Disorder is the most common unknown neurological disorder. My passion is to advocate for this as my guidance explained that every single person who experiences any sort of stress response symptoms that is not fully processed literally has aspects of this, whether it is known to them or not. I am seeing so many young children getting diagnosed with this recently and it is heartbreaking.

Functional Neurological disorder is a software issue within the body. It occurs when there are blocks impacting the communication from the brain to the different body parts.

Within these blocks are trapped emotions from either past experiences, inherited emotions or absorbed/projected emotions.

These blocks create energetic walls around parts of the body, organs or sometimes the whole body.

When the body is trying to communicate with each other and can't get the information through fully due to these blocks it creates more emotional blocks. Over time this builds up.

For the body to be at its optimal level the energy within the body needs to be free flowing to allow information from the brain to the body to flow so the body can respond in appropriate ways.

However, just like being stuck in a traffic jam you are most likely going to get to work late or sometimes depending on how bad the traffic jam is not at all. This is like the body, and how it impacts our daily life. For example when someone forgets what they are going to say, or do is usually because of a emotional block within the bodies network communication. People may identify it as brain fog. Over time, these blocked emotions impact the tissues and cells and that is when the body gets stuck in a stress response, which turns into inflammation, which could lead to chronic health issues, anxiety, depression etc

The reason why blocked emotions can't process completely is usually because of blocks within the brain to the breath and brain to the vagus nerve as well as other fundamental parts. This also impacts all systems within the body especially the nervous system and respiratory system.

So with my knowledge in working with the subconscious through becoming an Emotion Code Practitioner I was able to work through my own blocks and barriers.

Through this work I have been able to activate my own innate abilities within and receive channels from the highest divine love our creator. Everyone has their own beliefs of who that is and I totally respect that but for me it is God- Jesus.

From using this guidance and knowledge I am in the process of creating my own program to work through subconscious blocked emotions on a deeper level. To teach others to be practitioners of the subconscious mind and body.

I have also completed a course when purchasing my beautiful sound bowels from Rainbow sounds and a variety of drumming courses.Β Β This is where my love for sounds and music was expanded upon and I could really see how high frequency sounds really help move deep emotional blocks at a cellular level.

When exploring Somatics, my husband Thomas and I attended a life changing weekend when completing a Somatics facilitator course. This is when we both were able to witness shifts as we combined the movement, sounds and energy work.

I delved in deeper while completing further training in Somatics with Innerloom. From this the colours also showered over the sounds and movement as I could see the important of working with the body both physically and energetically.

From connecting with both the physical and energetic body I was able to process blocks further by asking the body for the wisdom and knowledge I needed to work through various barriers. This is when my body would guide me to draw, paint and write. As I allowed my hands to move freely, I noticed that what was illustrated helped me unlock more barriers within, while igniting my passion in creative expression.

I knew in my heart that this knowledge had to be shared, as it helped me regain my health and ignite skills I never knew existed within me. So I have worked with different ages from newborns to elderly from in person to across the globe. I also work with animals, homes and businesses to help move through business blocks, finance blocks, health blocks, worthiness blocks etc

So if you resonate with this, feel free to reach out =)