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Charlie Starrett is the Founder of ONEWorld Speakers where Speakers are built for Authentic Leadership. To be a great Leader, you need to be a great communicator. Whether you are the Leader in your own Life or in charge of a global company you need to influence with Power and Authority. 

When you Speak for Influence you get the RESULTS You want every time. That is because you exude a certain confidence that makes people want to listen to you, pay attention to what you are actually saying and take Action. 

That is the big difference between those who make it and those who do not in the game. To be seen as an Authentic Leader, you need to command Influence and that requires you to be Open, honest & ethical. This is the Secret Sauce to connecting and building relationships.  We coach you how to be Authentic so that you can maximise your Influence when you speak.

Charlie’s speaking career over the last 2 decades has span from radio to being the International Director to the World's Largest Public Speaking and Leadership Organisation - Toastmasters International. 

He is an International Keynote Speaker, TED x Speaker Coach, MC & Host.

His style is warm and has the magical ability to make his audience feel at ease. Whether you are a logical or practical or heart-centered person, Charlie has the ability to move his audiences. 

He is comfortable with large or small audiences when facilitating workshops.

Charlie's Vision is to build Authentic Leaders for the future. ONEWorld Speakers helps you do that. He Primarily works with Leaders, Executives, Entreprenuers, Business Owners & Professionals.