Chloe Adriana

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Chloe Adriana (she / her) - The Pussy Queen - is Self Love and Sexuality Coach and Captivating Facilitator. Her work empowers, liberates and awakens vulva-bodied people into their full radiant potential.

Chloe was born sexually liberated, from as early as she can remember she was making Barbie dolls have sex and experimenting with spa jets.

Yet like so many she grew up in a society where conversations about sexual based topics were off limits.

A life changing trip landed her in a Swedish Tantric community lead her to study to be a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Chloe’s 10 years as a Professional Fairy and 5 years as a Primary teacher make her magnetic, colourful and vivacious nature all the more inviting, safe and entertaining.

Chloe believes that Self Love is the answer to heal not only yourself, but the planet, and sexuality is what makes being on this planet so fun!