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Christie-Lee Didovich is a holistic wellness practitioner who is passionate about bringing alternative healing into the mainstream world.

Blending energy healing, reiki, meditation, EFT tapping, wellness coaching, crystal therapy and sound healing, she loves showing people how to embody wellness and balance while still enjoying the finer things in life.

Christie-Lee knows that when something impacts your life in ways that feel unexplainable, all your soul does is yearn to share it with the world.

After losing her father to suicide, Christie-Lee knew that she had two choices. She could have fallen into a deep depression of drugs, alcohol and poor life decisions, Instead, she made a proactive decision to rise above, take the hard road and heal.

Along the way, she has gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons to bring to the world. She now uses her platform to share all of the emotions that she felt and what helped her to heal.

A huge advocate of early intervention in mental health and suicide prevention, her ultimate aim is to open the door to try the vast range of tools and techniques that the wellness space has to offer to find the modality that is right for you.

With a love of going out for fancy dinners and with brand-name clothes still hanging in her wardrobe, Christie-Lee wants to dispel a lot of the myths about what it means to integrate complementary therapies into your life.

As well as her one-on-one sessions, Christie-Lee facilitates women’s circles, group meditation sessions and corporate workshops across the Penrith/Blue Mountains region.

She invites you to join her.