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Cianne has been leading breathwork and cold immersion challenges since 2023. She is also a qualified Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner.  She is passionate in helping others turn off their monkey brains and allowing ones true self to come to the surface and break free. 
Transformation only comes when we are willing to step out of our comfort zones, this is where the magic happens. 
Cianne is considerate and compassionate and really meets you at where ever you are on your journey, holding space for you she allows you to step up and free yourself by offering different techniques that open up your connection to your higher self.
Trust in the process, trust in your own innate wisdom and do more of the things in life that make you come alive!

Bobby-Jo is a passionate naturopath and has recently qualified as a Cold Water Immersion Instructor and Master Breathwork Coach.
With her 13 years experience as a naturopath she has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom which leads her to passionately help others in their journey. She is dedicated to making this world a better place by working in the community and creating strong connections with all walks of life. There will be no one better to walk side by side with during those moments of doubt and resistance.