Clare Martin

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Clare Martin - Transformation & Breathwork Coach - Facilitator and Host

I've stood at the crossroads of disconnection, feeling lost in a life meticulously crafted but yet it felt hollow within. The relentless pursuit of external success left me depleted, experiencing burnout, panic attacks, low self esteem and with a soul thirsting for alignment. 

My passion ignites when guiding purpose seekers towards a life designed by their hearts.

Through a unique fusion of neuroscience, metaphysics, energy, somatic therapy, and transformative coaching, I empower individuals to dissolve resistance—limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and emotional barriers—enabling a shift to an abundant frequency from within. 

I thrive on the belief that success resonates with an energy we cultivate, urging my clients to break free, play bigger, and rewrite their narratives for unconventional abundance. I now offer this blueprint, that includes lifelong proven tools to create an abundant life, built from the inside out, to my clients.

My mission is liberation—to liberate individuals from their own hindrances, transforming their talents and breaking through stagnation into sovereignty. I aim to combat collective burnout by reconnecting people with their calling, fostering a community of limitless creators, who also want to find their tribe.

I've been trained by global leaders in rewiring the subconscious mind and mentored by acclaimed Breathwork Mentors "Owaken, mastering holistic mind hacking techniques and nurturing the body/mind system through Breathwork.

My vision stretches beyond transforming individual lives—I aspire to elevate global consciousness. Life, in my view, is a 'hustle of the heart,' an invitation to tap into uncharted capabilities, manifesting boundless abundance. Through living the unconventional, I aim to illustrate the vast possibilities awaiting those who dare to rewrite the script - so, are you ready to rewrite yours today?