Creative Art Therapy Australia

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Creative Arts Therapy Australia is a registered not-for-profit organisation providing mental and emotional health and well-being services with tailored healthcare packages for all people without expectation. We are an inclusive community traveling alongside people from all walks of life across lifespans.

Creative Arts Therapy Australia’s headquarters (CATA HQ) is in the heart of Fairfield, a vibrant inner north suburb. CATA HQ provides a safe drop-in space for individuals seeking mental health support using multipurpose therapy rooms housing art, drama, music, dance, and movement therapies. Recent renovations created space to house workshops and events.

CATA’s CEO, a visionary, artist, activist, and natural-born leader with a burning desire to empower and transform lives is actively pioneering services so that CATA positively serves and affects humanity.

A growing team of Creative Art Therapists under the supervision of an experienced Principal Art Psychotherapist deliver face-to-face and outreach services. CATA’s services are holistic with a person-centred approach. CATA’s therapists (allied health professionals) actively support people in their adversity through safe, creative, and thriving environments that foster growth and development, focusing on integrity and respect for all people.

In 2022, CATA worked within and alongside organisations, including schools, residential aged care, hospitals, hospices, local communities, and councils.