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大师川菜 DASHI Sichuan Kitchen + Bar is a spirited destination for great company and great conversation. Our neighborhood eatery in San Antonio, Texas celebrates the centuries-old traditions of Sichuanese cuisine and culture with modern inspiration, offering unique signature dishes from our grandmaster chefs - or “da shi”. We take pride in preparing all items on our menu fresh to order, bringing you flavors and textures that inspire curiosity and warmth. Our mission is to provide an authentic experience through the fusion of classic Chinese cuisine with contemporary influences; our vision is to become not just San Antonio's premier spot for Sichuan cuisine, but also a place where family, friends and strangers alike can come together over flavorful dishes shared among equally as savory conversations.

DASHI Sichuan Kitchen + Bar is more than just a restaurant - it's an experience. Since opening in 2021, we've become known for our unique family-style dining, showcasing centuries-old recipes and flavors of the iconic Sichuanese cuisine. Our mission is to bring together modern inspiration with thoughtful spirits while keeping true to the original authenticity and wonderful traditions of this incredible culture. With fresh ingredients made daily and served with warmth, and passion by our "da shi" grand master chefs - you'll be sure to enjoy a captivating journey into universe of authentic Sichuanese flavors that will make your taste buds come alive! We are thrilled for you to join us on this remarkable journey while creating moments of connection over great company and fabulous food! As we bring together masters from not only the culinary arts but all other art forms as well, our vision is to create a restaurant where family, friends and strangers alike can come together to enjoy unique tastes from around the world in an inviting atmosphere filled with warmth and friendship.