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I was spontaneously activated to speak the Language of the Light by Spirit in 2013, while I was living on the island of Bali, in Indonesia. It was an intensely exciting, often confusing, magickal and transformational time, as I was discovering the power of the LL and realising what an incredible healing tool I had been gifted with, both in my personal use and for my friends.  I could use it to shift my vibration instantly, clearing stuck emotions and bringing a feeling of calm and peace.  As I 'practiced' on my friends, more languages were coming online, as my DNA was continually being re-coded. I felt safe and empowered to surrender to this incredible 'new' spiritual gift, and it was wonderful to witness the shifts and healing experiences of my friends.

One of my Gifts is to attune and activate people to re-member their unique Soul Language/s, and many feel deeply emotional as they re-connect with what feels like 'coming Home', and a sense of awe, gratitude and joy.