Dr Aya Matsuyama

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Dr Aya Matsuyama

Aya Matsuyama knows what it takes to see big-picture possibilities and take others on the 'innovation' journey.

She took the global lead in bringing the 2030 SDG's Game, created by Imacocollabo in Japan, to over 350,000 people worldwide... including to the United Nations HQ, in NYC.

While COVID temporarily interrupted the rollout of this phenomenal tool for change, Aya turned her attention to transforming the 2030 SDGs Game into an online gamification process specifically targeting it as a tool for 'mindset' development.

Why 'mindset'?

Developing a 'growth' mindset unlocks the inner development potential that we can contribute to achieving the projects that matter most to us. Yet introducing this kind of development within the organisational, institutional and corporate settings poses some real challenges. 

Academic research identifies 'serious games' as one of the most effective tools for transitioning people from 'work' mode into the 'learning' mode in ways that foster and reward curiosity, collaboration and innovation. In Japan, the moment of insight, or 'aha!', that precedes a shift in mindset is called 'kizuki'. 'Possible World' is a high-level 'serious game' that can be used to predictably deliver 'kizuki' in the moment as well as support growth mindset development, over time, around any subject matter, in any project, in any setting.

Aya Matsuyama, along with her 5 international colleagues (P-Lab), is now focused on bringing this powerful 'online' gamification process to practitioners in all fields that require the rapid development, adaptation and responsive engagement of their human resources to meet the challenges of an ever complex world.

She continues to champion the 2030 SDG's leading the global facilitator training program and is looking forward to opening the space for you to explore the full potential that 'Possible World' can bring to your world, your practice and your life.


  • Co-founder @Possibility Laboratory LLC. (P-Lab.)
  • Global & Incubation Team Captain @Imacocollabo
  • Co-founder @Airit-inc LLC.
  • Senior Director @Global Sky Education Ltd.
  • Lecturer/tutor for School of Engineering @Charles Darwin University, AUS
  • Environmental scientist for Water Resouces @Northern Territory Government, AUS
  • Mechanical system engineer for nuclear power plants @IHI, JPN


  • Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering
  • Grad Dip. in Environmental Studies
  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering