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Hi and a warm welcome to the wellness community/family 

A little about me:

I had to learn (and we are always learning) how to go through my shadow work, dig deep, pretty much un- learn my learned childhood behaviour ( your inner child), the trauma from past experiences such as the battle of an eating disorder and had to learn to enjoy food again. Now I am a passionate cook with healthy choices and run health retreats.

I came to Australia 16 years ago from Germany and left my beautiful family behind, but I do have my precious girl, which I am forever grateful for.

A lot of people have to go through so much. It's not easy as you have to feel before you heal. Kundal

Breathwork can result in intense physical and emotional release.

That’s the starting point of the healing journey. Self- reflection and victim personality has to be taken to consideration and making sure your honest and heartfelt conversations with yourself are met. 

Taking responsibility without blame, knowing how YOU feel, love and breathing work are also vital to your journey. Let's enjoy this learning curve together and make a positive difference in your life.

I was able to help lots of beautiful souls out there being a Kundalini yoga teacher ( highly intuative), Breath work teacher,  a holistic counsellor and healer ( also teaching self directed healing) and wellness guidance/ coaching and Retreats. 

I would be delighted to be apart of your healing journey. 

Let's help each other out.