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Elliot Smith

Vedic Meditation Teacher & Co-founder

Elliot is a certified Vedic Meditation teacher, trained by the pre-eminent master of Vedic Meditation, Thom Knoles in the foothills of the Himalayas and inducted into the Shankaracharya tradition of India by Swami Kailashanand Giri Ji.

Soon after learning Vedic meditation, he knew his calling was to teach this beautiful practise and he hasn’t looked back since. His passion for the knowledge and endless possibilities of Vedic philosophy is contagious and he is driven to share this technique and wisdom with all that would like to learn it.

Elliot is a natural teacher. Welcoming his first students from the age of 15 as a drummer, Elliot went on to forge a successful musical career, touring Australia and working with the likes of the Waifs, Meg Mac, Christina Anu, Rhye, Perth Symphony Orchestra and others.

Elliot is deeply motivated to share this profound meditation technique and has an endless amount of energy for supporting his students to continue their practice.

He can’t wait to meet you.