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I am Emma and I am so excited to align you and your business with the cosmos so that you can be in flow with the universe. 

I believe you can have it all! I empower women in business to step into their power and authority, chase their dreams and follow the callings of their soul so that they have have a wildly aligned successful soulful business. I am COURSE CORRECTOR and I will put you back on path! I will most likely drop an F BOMB on the way- But thats because I am so passionate about helping women align to the cosmos as well as step into their desires and power!

I am a Leo rising, Taurus sun and Sagittarius moon. I am a 5, 1  generator in human design. I am a firecracker who is here to lead the way in showing you that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! 

I am an astrology expert, a mentor, a reiki master, a mumma, cacao and breath facilitator and I have a masters degree! 

I am a Phoenix rising from the ashes as I burnt my old life and old identity to the ground!  

I have finally followed the calls of my soul and found myself in such deep alignment.