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Hello, I'm Philippa but people call me Pippa!

I am an experienced Doula with almost 20 years of experience supporting birthing families. My journey in birth work began after my first birth experience didn't go as planned. Determined to help other families have a positive experience, I became a Doula and have since helped many families during the birthing process.

In addition to my work as a birth Doula, I have also taught doula skills, mothercraft skills, childbirth education, and encapsulated placentas. As a birth trauma specialist, I have provided 1 on 1 support to women and have run support groups for women who have experienced birth trauma.

For me, my work is a personal passion that is driven by my four daughters. I believe in advocating and supporting women and families around the time of birth and have a passion for teaching women how to create a community as mothers, supporting each other.

My desire to make the birthing process a positive and transformative experience for families is evident in my work, and my dedication to this work has been felt by many families throughout my career.