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Feel in Flow is run by Vicky Keeler a Sound Therapist, Creativity Coach & Festival Organiser.

Sound serves as a potent tool for self-enquiry because it speaks to the essence of who we are—vibrational beings existing within a vibrational universe. By engaging with sound intentionally, we can journey inward, exploring the depths of our being and uncovering the truths that lie within. Through sound, we can explore the subconscious realms, gaining insights into our true selves and fostering personal growth. This can create a safe space for us to explore and process our feelings, leading to greater emotional clarity and motivation.

Vicky believes we all have the capacity to create the life we want to live and lean into the things that light us up - that is where we find our true power - a never-ending source of energy to commit to something we love. An opportunity to feel in flow with life and our true desires. Feel in Flow was created to combat the distractions and expectations of the world that surrounds us that we so often can get lost in. By discovering our many layers we start to understand we have a capacity for so much more. More than we ever could imagine.

Gift yourself the time to go inward and create a positive ripple effect outward into all aspects of life.