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Our mission

Veterinarians and other veterinary staff face many unique and varied challenges in their line of work. Our aim is to build more compassion and understanding in the wider community and show support for the people who care for our pets.

Established in 2018, our community events bring people together, increase social connection, reduce stigma relating to mental health and encourage meaningful conversations about wellbeing.

Through our mission, we’re highlighting the diverse and important roles veterinary staff play in caring for the health of our pets and the community. Since beginning in Melbourne, we have expanded to hold annual events in CanberraSydney and Brisbane.
We are raising funds to support veterinary people to build their mental health literacy, increase wellness and improve overall career sustainability.

Outside of our walk events, we have hosted tailored workshops and created free online content to support wellbeing.

Flynn's Walk is an Australian registered health promotion charity and endorsed deductible gift recipient.