FORM Building a State of Creativity

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FORM Building a State of Creativity is an independent, not-for-profit arts and cultural organisation based in Claremont and operating across Western Australia. We aim to be a leader in the development of a vibrant creative economy for the benefit and wellbeing of all Western Australian communities.

FORM’s vision is to be a major contributor in ensuring Western Australia is a vibrant, thriving, and connected participant in a global creative economy, and that our work is world-renowned for its ability to catalyse unique cultural expression, arising from our State’s healthy and prosperous communities. Our vision is realised through the values of our business and teams: creativity, excellence, integrity, community empowerment and collaboration.

Our unique programs include Creative Schools, FORM Gallery & Café, Spinifex Hill Studio, Scribblers Festival, major Cultural Tourism projects such as Thomas Dambo's Giants of Mandurah and the PUBLIC Silo Trail, plus Consultancy.