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Forró Brisbane
is a community for everyone.

Forró Brisbane promote culture through dance & music; multiculturalism; a safe place for socialization and to meet new people.

Forró Brisbane
is enabling the learning of the forró dance from First Steps, Socials gatherings, Study Groups, Workshops and learning Immersion. 

Forró Brisbane
Community as unincorporated association was founded March 2019, Forró Brisbane Inc. became an incorporated association in August 2020 with the following mission statement:

  • (1) Promote the Brazilian culture within the general community;
  • (2) Promote socialization and solidarity amongst members of the general community;
  • (3) Promote the research, learning and general knowledge of the forro culture, including music, dance and any other forms of arts related;
  • (4) Promote safe and multicultural environments for the discussion and celebration of multiculturalism;
  • (5) Carry out actions enabling the learning and research of Brazilian culture;
  • (6) Showcase Brazilian music and dance in events and other celebrations and relevant occasions
  • (7) Support the preservation of Brazilian culture through carrying out dance, music and other artistic activities.  
  • (8) Support the intergenerational knowledge of the Brazilian culture.