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We are an outdoor adventure company that is creating a new outdoor events and a whole new reason to get outside. Founded in 2012 our events span adventure racing and exploration, a kid’s obstacle course, trail running and urban adventures all delivering an outdoor experience that is fun, rewarding and memorable.

We’re suckers for the ‘let’s give it a crack’ excitement that comes with the unknown, and feel there is an element of magic in gong on an adventure.

Our focus is on opportunity and completion – not competition. Our aim is to delight through unexpected surprises and enabling people to do their best – at whatever level that may be. Our aim also is to unite people through collective achievement and a common appreciation of the outdoors. In short we aim to WOW.

How we do this is, we believe, quite exceptional. Like our name it’s fun, it’s different. Like our name, it’s out there. Like ‘one day, someone will think up this crazy stuff and do it’ is out there. That someone is us. And that stuff isn’t always crazy. Sometimes it’s obvious. It’s just that no one has been clever enough or crazy enough or daring enough to do it before now.