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With over 15 years experience working with energy, it gives me great joy to help others embark on their journey.  That journey may be about feeling better or more whole.  It may be about connecting more deeply to spirit guides and energy.  The two are closely linked.

I believe you are more than just biology. You are a ball of magic waiting to unfurl and the answers or healing you seek can be found in surprising places you may not have considered.  We are a multidimensional creative beings, so multidimensional healing and creative exploration hold the key to all that we are. And all that we can be.

It's my goal to help you to reconnect to your inner wisdom and magic that lies in wait for you to remember it.

I channel of healing energies known as Reiki and Light Language and guide you to find your own connection through holistic creative techniques such as meditation, art therapy or transpersonal/spiritual counselling.

I hold events and classes in Sydney & Brisbane (Australia).

Free healings on YouTube