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Geelong Mums collects donations of preloved essential baby nursery items, including clothing, cots, prams and car seats, and provides them to families in need through Social Service agencies, Maternal Child Health services and allied health professionals.  

Geelong Mums is founded on the idea that anything is possible when our community comes together to support families. You may have heard the saying “It takes a village”. It means it takes a community to help a child grow in a secure and healthy environment. This is the sentiment behind the way we work to achieve a better world for children and the planet. 

Since we began in 2013 by five Geelong mums who collected items in their own homes and a small shed, our dual purpose has stayed the same - reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by reusing and rehoming essentials to children in need who would otherwise go without. 

This year is our 10th birthday and it’s not only a time for us to celebrate but also a time to look forward to the possibilities of reaching more babies and children. Please help us to ensure we share more, waste less and every child thrives.