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Gertrude & Alice Café Bookstore is a beloved Bondi institution, established in 2001, it is one of the last independent bookstores in the eastern suburbs.

Gertrude & Alice is an important pillar of the Bondi community, hosting local events from bookclubs to book launches and author talks. During lockdown, we hosted many online events that helped keep the local book community alive, with authors joining not only from Australia but around the world. These included talks with Trent Dalton, Tara June Winch, Brit Bennett and many more.

Gertrude & Alice eponymously pays tribute to Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas, whose presence in 1920s Paris had a lasting impact on the literature and arts scene. The café-bookstore ventures to emulate what the home of these two influential figures may have felt like, an oasis that fosters creativity, community and a love of reading. 

A home away from home for writers, readers and coffee lovers alike. Stay a while & enjoy our home made chai, amazing coffee and unearth a book treasure or two.