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GOFAR, the Global Organization for Agricultural Robotics.

non-profit organization undertakes to promote and develop the agricultural robotics industry on the international level. 

GOFAR meets the increasing need for visibility and networking of the agricultural robotics sector. 

GOFAR strives to bring together the global community of autonomous farming solutions from around the world.


  • GOFAR organizes events called FIRA, the leading expert event for Ag Robotics with a strong network of agricultural robotics key players: every year, World FIRA hosted in France, is the global event for the industry, and FIRA USA in California, for the North American market. 
  • GOFAR sets up collaborations with leading Ag machinery events with the goal of opening the door to new markets for robot manufacturers such as SIMA in Paris (FR), EIMA in Bologna (IT) and Agritechnica in Hannover (DE).
  • GOFAR releases Agricultural Robotics News, the monthly newsletter dedicated to the Ag Robotics industry.