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Sherridan of Good Vibes Healing is a fully qualified and experienced trauma-informed, accessible and inclusive Sound Healing, Reiki and Yoga facilitator

She is deeply passionate about the healing power of sound and wishes to share this practice with as many people as possible!

Good Vibes Healing clients say "Sherridan is the embodiment of peace and kindness. She has the most beautiful energy, so gentle, present and thoughtful in every way. She holds space in a completely supportive and professional way, with absolute integrity in her words and actions. It’s obvious she was born to do this work!" 

"She has a unique and precious old soul vibration and when she practices her sound healing magic with you, she is tapping into a part of herself that has been healing for lifetimes!"

Sherridan's Good Vibes Healing offerings include

  • One to one
  • Intimates
  • Groups
  • Circles
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Events 
  • Transition Journeys

To learn more, visit or contact Sherridan on 04111 426 13 or