Harmony Jade

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Hey, I'm Harmony!

I'm your high-spirited stress management expert, dedicated to helping you live a more balanced life.

After experiencing career burnout in my former career I'm now an advocate for experiencing life to its fullest, bathing in the bluest of blue waters, a connoisseur of sipping gin whilst exploring the world- one mindful experience at a time.
I have concocted the perfect blend of soul driven determination, career credentials and lived experiences to support high-achieving women through life's exhausting juggling act of "too many things to do and not enough time." 

With decades worth of expertise in large commercial organisations and small business, as well as expert knowledge in yoga, meditation, and mindful living, I help individuals and businesses hit reset on their mundane routines, systems and beliefs to optimise their potential that feels refreshingly balanced- just like the feeling of jumping into the ocean on a hot day! 
You can work with me through 1 to 1 Mentoring customised to your life and/or business needs or join us on an inspiring and transformational immersive style retreat.