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Nestled in the heart of North Brisbane, Introspect Theatre Company Inc. stands as a beacon of creativity and community enrichment. As a not-for-profit theatre company, our mission extends beyond the stage. We are deeply committed to offering a platform for emerging artists, providing them with opportunities to refine, discover, and showcase their artistic prowess.

Our journey began in 2020 under the visionary leadership of our Artistic Director, Cindy Sykes. Cindy's fervent belief in the transformative power of theatre is evident in every production we present. For her, theatre is not just entertainment; it's a bridge that connects communities, imparts knowledge of history and culture, and amplifies the voices of creativity and expression.

At Introspect, we wear our passion on our sleeves – from compelling theatre productions in myriad styles to community-centric workshops. Join us, as we continue to inspire, entertain, and foster the next generation of theatre talent.