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Hi I am Juniper Rose, Southern Hemisphere, Aussie based, intuitive witch, mentor, soulful coach, meditation, journeying and workshop facilitator with a passion for holding supported space for others who are willing to delve deeply into their internal worlds and the energy of the external world that surrounds us. Through magickal practices, movement, journeying, ceremony and ritual I utilise over 20 years of experience, various modalities, training and integrated practices to open the doors for you to shift through deeply transformative cycles of growth.

Whilst I am Australian, I lived in the Northern Hemisphere for 11 years and spent time in connecting and exploring magickal practices and holistic techniques through the Uk as well as 2 life changing pilgrimages into the sacred portals of Egypt and so have an understanding of cycles and seasons and the differences between hemispheres.

I welcome your interest in my work and invite you to join me in one of my upcoming offerings or reach out to me via my social media - Facebook and Instagram - The Wayward Path or my website:

Blessings to you,

Juniper Rose.