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Hi Beautiful Woman!

You. Are. Worthy.

We are here to remind you of this! That you are worthy, your life matters, that what you long for in that powerful heart of yours is important and worth following. And that you can create a life that feels inspiring and fulfilling.

We know what it’s like to: 

~ Feel lost, stuck and invisible in our own life

~ Lose parts of ourselves for the benefit of others

~ Adapt after significant challenges

~ Struggle to let go and move forward

~ Get burdened with the busyness of life 

We see you. 
We hear you. 
And we’re here to help you step into the life you truly deserve.

Much Love

Kareena & Sophie x

Reclaim Her offers powerful, heart-inspired transformational coaching and events so you can find and own your fullest, happiest self.


Nourish your soul and connect with warm-hearted women at one of our enriching and inspiring events. Each of our fully immersive experiences is thoughtfully curated to uplift and empower, creating a safe space for you to be seen and valued, and connect deeply with yourself and others.



Tailored support to rediscover and reclaim who you really are. In-person (Brisbane) or online consultations are available on a one-off or ongoing basis. Talk to us about untangling your unique challenges and personal longings one at a time so you can move forward with greater clarity and balance into a life you truly love.

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