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Dr Kathie Irwin, MNZM (Ngāti Rākaipaaka) is a third generation Māori educationist – public service and social justice are deeply embedded in her bloodlines. Kathie’s passion inspires her to contribute to Aotearoatanga, nation building, in innovative and creative ways, that are framed by Sir Apirana Ngata’s whakatauāki (proverb) “E tipu, e rea”. This proverb speaks to the possibilities of Treaty based models of change that create authentic transformation.

As an academic Kathie specialised in Māori education, research and development, for nearly thirty years. Her “second career” has been in senior management and governance. In June 2020 she founded Kathie Irwin and Associates – specialists in education, research and training – and serves as the Founder and CEO.