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Habitat Creation was established in 1991 as the first Multicultural Environmental Organisation in WOIWURRUNG (NAARM) KOOLIN® or Melbourne Australia for the purpose of partnering with KOOLIN® Commonhealth™ (Cth™) or the Aboriginal Embassy to commission, legislate, and successfully complete Australia’s First Treaty™ (AFT™) Act 2002 at the University of Melbourne. KOOLIN® Cth™ independently advocates, protects, restores, and upholds the original and lawful Sovereignty, LoRe™: Law, Kinship, Countries, Ancestors, IP, Languages, and Education of this continent otherwise criminally, and fraudulently referred as the foreign Commonwealth of Australia. Today there is an office in KULUMBIRRIGIN (GARRAMILLA) Darwin to support, invest, develop, and teach the first 5d Multicultural Holistic Health and Crime Prevention Education in the world so that we all heal, unite, and create balance with the KOOLIN® continent, its people, its environment, and hopefully the world. KOOLIN® Cth™ will deliver the only Multicultural Harmony and Holistic Sustainability competencies and accreditation education and medical services that STEMS from AFT™ Act 2002, the 5d MAS™ System, KOOLIN® Skills Quality Wisdom Authority (KSQWA), IP KOOLIN®, and this Country-Nation first ever Declaration from the Soul completed on United Peoples® Day 20 March 2023.

Habitat Creation and KOOLIN® Commonhealth™ are offering people or customers to come on a journey of Herstory™ or the chance to be founding members of a great opportunity to create a new way education system that is truly multicultural and brings together both Royal Corporate Westminster (Australian English) society with Multicultural Kinship KOOLIN® (Inclusive of both) society, or in other words both the cultures of money and nature. This education system STEMS from two sciences, two laws, two societies and two cultures and will cater to the needs of its members and students as a solution for truth telling, treaty, self-determination, closing the equality and equity gap, Reconciliation, Reparation, Renewables, and holistic sustainability. This will deal with the problem or root cause of crime, and family, community and environmental abuse or violence to enrich and grow people in peace, harmony, oneness, and balance as citizens and sovereigns with nation-country, the world, and themselves. It will be a new future for children to learn respecting social inclusion, justice, connection, belonging and right-way governance, which holds the humanity that is missing in the current system and the world today. The saying, "you don’t know what you are missing until it is shown to you" is exactly this. For our children’s future let’s all give Herstory™ a fair go!

With this wonderful new opportunity, Habitat Creation and KOOLIN® Commonhealth™ would like to connect to as many people from KOOLIN® Australia and the world so that it inspires people to become founding members and embrace a new ideology, the change needed from the Re-coronation and Medicine of Herstory™ or in other words, the 5d Multicultural Holistic Health and Crime Prevention Education. We aim to enrich the consciousness, awareness, and competencies of people’s understanding of a true inclusive, multicultural, sustainable culture and society to what we currently know. This can be achieved by women, men, and children collectively through the collaboration, implementation, delivery, and inclusion of tribal, native, alter-native, and mainstream education or respecting each other equally as one family.