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Moore, indeed.

To say that Krystal’s comedy is Patently Offensive to the Patriarchy is not just accurate, it’s a compliment.

But this was not always so.

Krystal grew up in Weiser Idaho…

…the kind of one-stop-light small town that’s got 50 churches but 5 cheeses. Despite her small stature, she was always too big for Weiser; her taste in cheese was far too vast & expensive. She took the hard way out but despite every dumpster fire, street brawl, & economic collapse; she flew… & while flying she realized that we’re all just a bunch of naked monkeys doing science and farting.

Today Krystal has been a working comedian & producer for 10 years. She’s the creator of The Jack Mormon Comedy Hour For Latter-Day Sinners; a biannual comedy show that has enjoyed 7 years of success, Mom Jokes – Like Dad Jokes But Better, a comedy show that’s sold out every show since 2019, April Fools’ Comedy Show; which evolved from a 1 woman show she played to 54 different homes in the treasure valley during the lockdown, Femme Fatale – These Ladies Kill; which hosts a new lineup of fem & nonbinary comics every month downtown, and Dark Jokes; not the concept but a show for those who like them.

Krystal is also an accomplished author, having written a children’s book called Oh! The Places You’ll Ho!, which is obviously not a children’s book but rather a gospel. The Gospel According to Some Slut. She is lowkey, but actually high-key, trying to start a cult… for funsies instead of power, so join her cult today! Krystal Moore is the Dark Pope, the only true prophet… and that’s because she’s the only one that will tell you she is, in fact, a false prophet. Loophole!