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Kubik Frankston is an electrifying fusion of Melbourne's pulsating music culture and vibrant culinary food trucks, all set against the backdrop of a family-friendly environment with free entry all week and ticketed events on the weekend. Nestled in the heart of Frankston, this dynamic venue has become synonymous with top-tier DJ performances and a mouthwatering array of food options.

At Kubik Frankston, the spotlight will shine on Melbourne's finest DJs with an all local line up showcasing a diverse range of musical genres to keep the crowd grooving into the night.  Whether it's house, techno, hip-hop, or classic Disco hits the lineup never fails to impress, drawing in music enthusiasts from across the state to experience the first instalment of Kubik Frankston right on the Waterfront. 

But the magic of Kubik Frankston doesn't stop with the music. Food aficionados are in for a treat as well, with a lineup of food trucks offering a tantalizing selection of comfort food and special treats,  From sizzling American BBQ, where the aroma of slow-cooked ribs and brisket fills the air, to the zesty flavors of authentic tacos bursting with fresh ingredients, there's something to satisfy every craving. And for those with a sweet tooth, artisanal doughnuts are on hand, offering a delectable finale to the culinary journey. 

Kubik Frankston runs every day from 5th of April till the 20th of April 2024 at the Frankston Waterfront. (except Mondays)