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Laura Daley is an innovator, disability advocate and change maker. She is the mum to two beautiful boys on the spectrum who are approaching their teens. Laura has a non-visible disability, as she lives with an autoimmune condition. One of Laura’s proudest achievements is helping launch the Coffs Harbour Aspect School when her children were little.

Laura has professional qualifications in Law, Communication and Mediation, and has worked across many sectors of Government. She views it as a privilege to use her skills, connections and good humour to work with and support people during hard times. Laura does pro bono work as a member of the NSW Disability Advocacy Committee, and as Chair of Coffs Coast Autism.

Laura always has a wish list of projects she is working towards, from an inclusive film school in Coffs Harbour, to targeted disability employment program across all sectors of government. Laura is a big thinker and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Laura’s business, Disability Answers supports individuals, carers and businesses navigate the NDIS, by providing Carer Workshops, Advocacy and Lobbying of Government.