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My name is Leo Blanke, and I am here to guide you on a journey of healing and personal growth. I specialise in Relationship Therapy, Intimacy Coaching, Bodywork, Tantric Practices, and Self-Love Rituals. My purpose is clear: to help you let go, find peace, surrender, and heal your sexual and relationship issues while cultivating deeper, more meaningful connections in your life because we all have a right to create the relationships we desire and deserve.

German born and bred, I came to Australia to do a year abroad for High School. As a child, we moved around a lot. I’ve always struggled to truly feel part of a community and deeply connected to friends. Moving to Australia made this even more challenging as I struggled even more to connect with friends and my relationships fell apart.

My spiritual journey began with a meditation workshop in early 2018. It’d tried a lot of different things up to this point. None of which had worked for me.

I was searching for connection to something. To someone. To myself…

I was lonely. I was depressed. I was anxious. I was relying on drugs for my happiness…

Inside of one Meditation Practice my mind opened to see the bigger picture. The role I was playing in it. I broke that day. I cried. I gained clarity about what had been missing in my life...

CONNECTION was the constant for me during all of this time. I’d felt disconnected from my partner, the world, my community. Everything. I felt as if I didn’t belong. I wasn’t a part of anything.

I made positive changes. I learned about the true power of meditation. I learned about the true power of breath. I learned about our limitless potentials as human beings and how much we self-sabotage and limit ourselves. I learned how to use specific tools to support us in getting out of our own ways and living the life of love, fulfilment and happiness we desire.

I used them to abstain from drug use. I used them to remove people and situations in life that didn’t serve me. I used them to end my 6 year personal relationship and 2.5 year relationship with my former career as a Coach inside a Strength & Conditioning Gym.

I was depressed. I was lonely. I had severe social anxiety.


I am happy. I am fulfilled. I love myself and am loved by others.

I coach people to heal and follow the same journey

This is why I began facilitating workshops - to create life-Changing Experiences through connection & specific practices so people can feel connected to themselves, those around them and with nature - and in turn, they’ll experience their true selves and begin their journeys of living their desired lives.