Liz Courtney

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I am an Environmental Filmmaker and Climate Change Advocate dedicated to conveying the urgency of climate change through compelling narratives. My transformative journey began with the 2010 documentary Cool School Antarctica, guiding 40 teenagers to the first Global Youth Climate Summit. Committed to impactful storytelling, I've directed 55 documentaries, including 'The Tipping Points,' exploring Earth's interconnected systems from the Amazon Rainforest to the Greenland Icesheet, and more.  As the Artist in Residence at The Earth Observatory of Singapore, I focus on Changing Oceans, Climate Impact Asia and Future Cities to drive awareness to action.  My 2024 film Antarctica- the Giant Awakens, serves as a wake-up call on sea-level rise. Beyond filmmaking, my work is a potent force for climate action, educating and mobilising global audiences to address the critical challenges of climate change. With a deep passion for sustainability, I strive to inspire collective action towards a more resilient and positive future for our planet.