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Mother, Fucker,. Hustler. WTF?

The greatest hat trick, we as women can master. 

Its the calm, feminine, flowing nurturer.  It's the sexy, self assured, radical self love goddess. It's the get shit done, money making queen stepping into her masculine.

Master these. Master your life. Learn how to switch these 3 hats easily and effortlessly as you slay the day. 

Maybe you a struggling in one area or all three?

Constantly overwhelmed, screaming at your kids, fight or flight, speaking to yourself like a school yard bully, hating your body, face or whole self in general, lacking intimacy, always struggling with money (what money?) and your identity around your purpose and wanting to find the energy to be "makin' bank".  $$$

Sounds like a lot of women out there.  We are ALL carrying heavy burdens to some shitty destination we don't wanna visit any longer.   Time to get off the plane. 

Lou and Shae are Mums, wives, BFF's, event and retreat hosts, NLP and Hypnotherapy Masters, admittedly not perfect, too many balls in the air, ladies just like you with the tools to get you outta the shit and into the meadow of daily flow. 

Join us in one of our retreats or events with your favourite queen for a jam packed experience full of golden nuggets and no "wanky spiritual jargon"- we promise. 

Spaces are limited.  See your sexy ass there. 

Lou and Shae 


@louandshae on FB and Insta. 

Youtube https://youtube.com/@loushae4647