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M16Artspace is on Kambri country, the ancient country on which we gather, work and create. We honour and pay our respects to its traditional custodians. We commit to truth telling through art, and acknowledge this land ‘always was and always will be’ the country of Australia’s First Nations People.

Founded in 1985, M16 Artspace is an inclusive organisation that supports a thriving arts community of emerging and established artists, writers and curators of any age, background or culture. We present high-quality exhibitions from both emerging and established artists and curators from Canberra, interstate and overseas. We are partially supported by the ACT Government for our gallery program. Today, M16 Artspace runs 3 gallery spaces, manages 29 artist studios and houses five arts organisations that offer art classes. With three exhibition spaces that change exhibitions every three weeks, it is the ideal place to experience art in Canberra.