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Mariana is a Taranaki based mandala artist, who truly believes in the healing power of mandalas, gemstones and the arts in general.

She started painting mandalas after going through a huge burnout, stemming from an incredibly busy life, which had her looking for ways is slow down, cultivate presence and
stillness. Apart from working full time in a demanding role, she was also seeing clients for Astrology readings and Biography work after hours, rooted in Anthroposophy’s biographical laws. She loved what she was doing, but it was simply too much mental energy, with no room for meaningful silence. She was desperate for a moment of bliss, amidst the chaos. She found the healing she was looking for in painting and contemplating mandalas, as well as in chanting
Sanskrit mantras using mala necklaces made with 108 gemstone beads. 

She believes that her mandala art represents a meaningful way to contribute to other people's healing, and to raise
the vibration of the planet, starting with our own.