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Hello everyone, I'm Mikaela Rose.

Over the past few years, I've bravely embraced profound discomfort to initiate my own personal growth journey. Before this I found myself caught in repetitive patterns that weren't serving me in any way — cycles of addiction, unstable relationships, and self-destructive habits that left me feeling disconnected from myself and disassociated from the world around me.

I’ve explored various approaches, from heartfelt conversations in therapy, to connecting with my body through somatic practices, delving into the depths of my mind through clinical hypnotherapy and connecting with my spirit through ancient practices. Some of these practices have played a consistent and transformative role in my journey: Breathwork and Yoga especially. Through the power of intentional breath and movement, I found a deep sense of connection to myself. This led me to pursue formal training as a trauma-informed somatic breathwork facilitator and a Yin yoga teacher.

Through this journey, I gradually assumed responsibility for my life, guided by others and my own inner compass. This newfound sense of safety within my own being allowed me to approach my experiences with compassion and understanding. I began to discover parts of myself I hadn't met before, and through consistent dedication to this path, I started embodying my true, authentic self. I learned to appreciate and like the person I've become, leaning into a genuine sense of self-love.

I strongly believe that true healing is a continuous, an ongoing part of a fulfilling life, a journey where we meet ourselves repeatedly, our authenticity ever evolving. For me the challenges remain constant, with the space in between growing further apart. My decision making through these challenging times continually reaffirms my commitment to this journey of self-discovery, honouring myself and the people that are in my life with love.

In my life today, I proudly hold space as a dedicated Trauma-Informed Somatic Breathwork facilitator, trained by The Village Mvmt. I am also a trained Yin Yoga teacher through All Heart Collective, completing 50 hour Yin Yoga training. 

My personal dedication to inner healing, guided by daily embodied practices, fuels my desire to support others in finding what feels safe and right on their own unique journeys within their bodies. My purpose is to create a nurturing and safe space for exploration, allowing you to delve into your inner work with a sense of empowerment and integrity.

I honor and celebrate each person's uniqueness, understanding that everyone's healing journey is distinct. As your guide, I'll assist you in integrating your experiences and find healing practices that resonate with you. My intention is to support you on your path, drawing from my own experiences and the knowledge I've gained through training, accompanied by life’s lessons. Together, we'll navigate this journey within, towards healing, growth, and self-discovery.