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Mitch cofounded Academic Business Advisors in 2005, which helps organizations develop business strategies to align their products and services with the ways purchasing decisions are made and technology is used in schools and districts so that they can scale and make a difference to kids and educators.

Mitch blogs on the PILOTed blog about ways to inspire the mind to learn.

Since 2018, Mitch has been creating content and teaching Mindshifting and Sensemaking. Persistence, self-initiative, critical thinking, creative thinking and innovation, collaboration, communication, and their opposites all begin in the mind. When we learn to recognize how the mind operates in each of these spheres, and then learn how to move minds into resourceful mindframes, we accomplish more and recover faster from conflicts, unanticipated obstacles, and detrimental emotional responses.

There are currently three courses offered in MIndshifting:

  • Mindshifting and Mastering Your Brain: how to operate your brain for more effective decision making, critical thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness
  • Mindshifting and Flexible Mindsets for Long Term Success: how to assess problems and opportunities so that you have the best chance of embarking on workable solutions, preparing to rise above failure because results are rarely what you initially expected.
  • Mindshifting Conflict and Collaboration: preparing for competition and opposition, influence and persuasion, resilient organization

One way to contact Mitch about Mindshifting is at this contact page.