Orgasmic Witch
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Who is the Orgasmic Witch?

Mimmi Ebbersten is a Certified Nalu Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki healer, life coach and medium, with a special interest in energy healing.

Her passion is to help connect people to their inner selves and to help shift and release energy blockages through

breathwork, meditation, and movement. Intention and mindset is key, and learning to shift our energies will help us release stress and trauma,

strengthen our boundaries, feel more self-confident in life, and to find our sensuality and sexuality again after many years of suppression.

Mimmi is a warm and kind mother of 2 boys, she has been described as having a calming and healing effect even just through a simpel hug.

Come and experience a breathwork session with Mimmi and you will take one step closer to a happier and more joyful life with more connections and fun.

You will also make some new friends through the process!