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Namaste beautiful woman!

I'm Laura, & I'm passionate about sharing all things 'yoga', along with creating menstrual cycle awareness to improve women's health outcomes.

The focus of my teachings is to develop awareness & connection to self for all the beautiful women that gift me with the privilege of coming to my classes & events, in addition to providing you deep nurturing & nourishment through the senses.

The birthing of Peace Love Om Yoga stands for...

Peace; within ourselves through breath, mindful & slow movement via Hatha yoga, surrender & active rest through restorative yoga, & presence & acceptance utilising meditation.

Love; of self & others, heart connection & living life with an open heart. I believe ultimately we are here to be love & loved. To give & receive unconditional love.  Especially for ourselves as we give so much as woman.

Om; singing in circle, chanting, sacred sound, using mantra for purification & finding our voice, being heard & connecting to the universe & the collective.

Yoga; a transformative journey to liberation & freedom.  Yoga is the coming home to self, & a complete holistic framework to living a life of pure joy & bliss.

My yoga teaching comes from a 200 hr registered training in Bali at the Yoga Barn with Emily Kuser from High Vibe Yoga, along with a decade + of self practice, & a 16 year clinical medical career.

All of my classes have modifications and use a wide variety of props.  The more props the better - especially for our restorative yoga featured in every class.

Yogini's, looking forward to seeing at a Being Woman; Inner Seasons restorative yoga class very soon :)

Love & light,

Laura xx