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Located at the heart of Sydney’s Inner West, the PBC is one of the oldest bowling clubs in Australia. We have been part of the Inner West since 1896.

In the years past the club had struggled to survive, culminating in several attempts to redevelop some or all of the club grounds. The local community successfully campaigned against all these proposals and in late 2006 and the club began a new era with the appointment of a community-based Board. 

The PBC is now an award-winning and vibrant pokie-free club that is dynamic and creative. It provides our diverse community with a multi-purpose facility offering sports, the arts, fun, music and food whilst protecting the use of the open space for the next 110 years.

All bookings must be accompanied by a member or become a member upon booking confirmation. You can renew an existing membership or start a new one here.

The Petersham Bowling Club is not wheelchair accessible yet. We have plans to remedy this in the next 3 years. Entry to the club is via 12 stairs at the front of the venue. once inside it is all 1 level and we have an ambulant & wheelchair accessible toilet. 

By entering the PBC, you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct