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Introducing Profound Sounds Entertainment, the premier event production company bringing you the hottest electronic music events in the scene. With a focus on curating the best talent from around the world, Profound Sounds Entertainment is dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences for music lovers everywhere.

Founded by Karyna Royle, Profound Sounds Entertainment is the driving force behind the hit events Berry Juicy and the upcoming Strawberry Moon Festival in June. These events have quickly become must-attend experiences for fans of electronic music, featuring some of the best artists around the globe.

Berry Juicy and Strawberry Moon Festival are known for their diverse lineups, showcasing a wide range of electronic acts and providing something for every electronic music lover. From deep house to hard techno, these events are a true celebration of the genre.

Profound Sounds Entertainment's events are also known for their top-notch production and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the experience is fine tuned to perfection. From the sound and lighting to the stages and decorations, everything is designed to provide the ultimate immersive experience for attendees.

"We are thrilled to be bringing some of the best electronic music acts from around the world to our events," says Karyna. "Our goal is to provide a platform for the best talent in the scene and to create unforgettable experiences for our fans"

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