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Qtopia Sydney is Australia's centre for Queer History and Culture.

Qtopia Sydney is an ACNC registered not-for-profit organisation committed to empowerment, inclusivity, celebration, challenge and education. Our public exhibitions, temporary displays, Live at Qtopia series and community engagement and education programs are resolute in their intent to represent the history and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community with integrity, authenticity and accuracy. We depend upon members of the public and government and private foundations for support and we ask you to join us on the journey and be part of our story.

Qtopia Sydney is home to Darlinghurst’s 3 newest live performance venues. Our theatres will always prioritise the stories of those in the LGBTQIA+ family and amplify the works of our great local storytellers from the wider community. Our theatre spaces serve to provide live engagement opportunities at Qtopia Sydney to extend the knowledge, empathy and understanding gained from a visit to the exhibitions, by provoking conversation through the mediums of live performance and events.

Qtopia Sydney seeks to highlight stories that reflect the queer experience, elevating the voices of artists with lived experience within the community. Qtopia Sydney also warmly welcomes allies and storytellers from all communities.